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Vie was started by Bryan Kane who asked a small group of friends (Bryan Robertson, Rachel Blatt, and Barry Dorf) who were also passionate about wine, to join him in his desire to produce high-quality, unique rhone varietal wines. Through several years of enjoying, collecting and making wine, we have developed a refined sense of the attributes that make a fine boutique wine. Our efforts in Vie Winery are focused on creating wines that reflect these attributes for each of the top California vineyards from which we acquire our grapes.

We decided to use traditional “old world” family winemaking techniques to ensure that the unique qualities of the grapes are reflected in the wine, thus making each bottle a unique drinking experience. While these techniques take more time and produce less wine, the end result is a wine that can be enjoyed now as well as cellared for many years to come.

Vie comes from the Old French word meaning "to invite" or "to give occasion for". Or, in French today, it is simply translated "Life". With friends, with experiences, with everyday life – get the most out of life! We at Vie Winery embrace this philosophy and hope that you can experience this through our wines. Make an occasion to enjoy Vie with friends. Enjoy Vie! Enjoy Life!

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