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Alder Springs Vineyard

Mendocino County

Alder Springs Vineyard is one of the most aggressive vineyard projects ever started in California. This steep, hillside vineyard ranging from with elevations ranging from 1750’-2700’ was planted with high-density vine spacing to produce ultra-premium quality grapes. This technique allows each vine to focus on less fruit, providing for most focus and intensity. Alder Springs was one of the first vineyards in California to adopt this highly expensive viticulture technique which is now beign used by several other "boutique" wineries in California including DuMol, Sol Rouge, and Jonata (owners of the famous Screaming Eagle winery).

With southern and eastern exposures, Alder Springs Vineyard’s warm days and cool nights, combined with micro-climates and outstanding soils, makes it a truly extraordinary site. The vineyard owner, Stuart Bewley, takes great pride in growing the finest grapes possible utilizing tight vine spacing and low-yields to produce tiny berries with a high skin-to-juice ratio leading to concentrated, dark wines and is used by several wineries including VIE, Pax Wines, Roessler Cellars, Patz & Hall, Novy Family Winery, Behrens & Hitchcock, Copain Winery, and Relic Wines.

Alder Springs Vineyard

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