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White Hawk Vineyards

Los Alamos Hills - Santa Barbara County

The White Hawk Vineyard is planted on ancient sand dunes on the south facing slope of Cat Canyon, a side of the Los Alamos Valley in Santa Barbara County. It's 21 miles west of the Pacific and 2 miles north of Los Alamos and planted at 900 feet elevation. This region is recognized as a top producing wine region. Fog often embraces the small vineyard in the morning before gentle afternoon breezes chase it away to allow the sun's rays to slowly ripen the fruit.

We custom farm using sustainable and primarily organic viticulture. The yields are miniscule and the berries intense with a strong core of acidity is complemented by elements of meat and blackberries. Although Chardonnay is also planted in this 75 acre vineyard, much of White Hawk's vineyard is planted with Syrah clone 1 on 5c rootstock or Syrah clone 6 on 140R rootstock. Fruit from White Hawk vineyard is shared with other prominent wineries including Ojai Vineyard, Andrew Murray Vineyards, Herman Story Wines, and Sine Qua Non.

White Hawk vineyard fruit is also used by Longoria Winery, Silver Winery, Ingersoll Wine, Rideau Vineyard, Sea Smoke Cellars, and Wild Horse Winery.

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White Hawk Vineyard White Hawk Sine Qua Non White Hawk Andrew Murray White Hawk Ojai Vineyards

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